Benefits of Text Based Therapy

Text-based therapy involves interacting with a therapist through a HIPPA compliant commercial service provider. People send text messages to their therapists/coach as an alternative to scheduling in-person appointments. Therapists respond back to clients accordingly via texts, which is a form of cost-effective online counseling with many benefits where clients feel more open and comfortable. Here are some of the many benefits of text-based therapy.


Online counseling/coaching is convenient and affordable. People can attend text-based therapy sessions from the comfort of their homes. This is exceptionally beneficial for those who live in remote areas, especially if they do not have access to other mental health treatments because there are no practices located nearby.


Online counseling/coaching provides support to clients who are housebound or have disabilities. If a person is unable to leave home for many reasons, including physical or mental illnesses, they can still get treatment through text-based therapy.


Text interactions between therapists/coaches and clients allow both parties to pay attention to all communication exchanges. They can always go back to reread them and reflect on their feelings as many times as necessary. When a person reads something, they can take a step back to re-approach facts more objectively and impartially. A client can take their time to express thoughts in the form of writing. Writing things down has cathartic effects and is often assigned to clients as homework after attending in-person sessions.


During in-person meetings, a client may not express all their thoughts and feelings adequately to reach the heart of a matter. By texting in a private and secure space, they can express themselves more openly and keep track of all communications.


Clients feel less restricted when they are communicating through texts, which is what makes text-based therapy so effective. They can speak their minds without fearing judgment by reading a counselor’s facial expression or body language. Instead of stressing about making the most of an hour’s session in-person, clients can comfortably set the tone, pace, and frequency of things they want to talk about.


With online counseling/coaching, clients can keep their identity hidden if it makes them feel more comfortable. They do not have to reveal themselves, and a counselor/coach would not know what the person sounds or looks like. This provides more security and control for people to decide how much they want to share with someone else.


Both clients and providers can hold themselves accountable for things they say since everything is done in writing. People often feel a sense of commitment when they write opinions or statements. Instead of trying to remember everything or repeating things, clients can also refer to previous exchanges to save time and effort.

Healing Animals with Reiki

Many forward-thinking and progressive humans around the world are becoming fans of practicing Reiki. Reiki is a system of spiritual healing with roots in Japanese origin. The word itself comes from the Japanese word “Rei,” which means “Universal Life.” The energy of Reiki is not affiliated with a religion. It is merely a form of spiritually guided life force energy that flows through all living things with the ability to strengthen and heal. Most people use Reiki for wellness, and the practice can benefit animals too.

What is Distant Animal Reiki

Distant Animal Reiki is a healing technique that involves emitting life force energy to the affected area of an animal’s body. It is beneficial for pets of any shape, species, and age. The energy from the practitioner’s hands travels through the animal’s energy pathways and enters their entire body. Reiki for pets is noninvasive and always keeps the animal safe. There is no need for physical contact, as the practitioner is simply transferring energy through their hands to the pet from a distance. This practice is very gentle, especially for pets who are fearful. By transferring energy from a distance, your pet can be relaxed doing their usual activities instead of dreading being touched by strangers. They can play or nap while the healing is being done. As a pet parent, you do not have to be at home, so the practice does not disrupt your daily routine.

Benefits of Distant Animal Reiki

Reiki strengthens the animal’s immune system and heals them after surgeries or if they are suffering from any illness. If the animal is stressed and anxious, Reiki can help animals relax and heal behavioral problems. Reiki also heals all kinds of pain in any part of their body and provides a lot of comfort for terminally ill pets and their parents. Reiki enhances a pet’s well-being and reinforces the bond between pets and their owners because of the transferring of love, kindness, and healing energy. Distant animal Reiki provides a higher energy level to give pets the strength they need for recovery. This practice is an excellent supplement to medical treatments and relieves all kinds of aches, allergies, and pains if they are injured.

Why Choose Distant Animal Reiki

Distance healing is a form of talking and listening to animals without getting too close where they might be afraid and unable to relax. The right practitioner will have the skills to listen and connect with your pet, even from afar. They can sense the problem and channel healing energy to the affected area of your pet’s body without scaring or exciting them.